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This is nice. Few years ago i saw coke coming with same thing, a music mixer, but i like this much more, cute, the music really make me smile and dancing along, brighten my days out!

but sadly, i can't understand the language, so am not sure whether how it promotes the product.

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Yes, I'd like to understand the relation to the product myself.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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perhaps it is not for promotional, i didn't see any info about the cars they're selling.
perhaps, just for fun. ha ha, who knows.

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Hello Jenny,

Actually the site does promote the vehicles. Let me explain the background of it.

Christmas in Puerto Rico is pretty much defined by a peculiar twist on the traditional Christmas carol: the trulla. Instead of walking doorstep to doorstep, people in a trulla travel late at night in a caravan of cars to an unsuspecting friend's house, in order to surprise him/her with improvised music and, most importantly, an improvised party. Contrary to a traditional Christmas carol's a cappella style of performance, trulla music is a lively mix of guitars, multiple percussion instruments, and witty lyrics.

La Trulla Ford allowed users to compose their own trulla music, choosing from a variety of instruments and musicians. Users were able to send to their friends the virtual musicians selected comfortably seated in a Ford vehicle of choice.

As a bonus, everyone who sent a trulla received an exclusive rebate offer valid for the Ford model selected to transport the musicians.

La Trulla Ford gave the consumers a fun, season-relevant way to interact with the brand by actively choosing their favorite Ford vehicles and generating a word-of-mouth chain by sending their compositions to their friends. The campaign also collected data from consumers without being a hassle, and made sale offers without the hard-sell factor.

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Thanks for your long explanation! i appreciate it.
i always enjoy listen to other's ppl cultural and this is so cool!!
enjoy it.

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i like it

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I like it tooo

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Engaging viral messages in a cut-ad-buget enviroment. Good job.

Made a couple of songs myself.

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