Ford Fiesta: Subservient Sauna

Check out the microsite: and try keywords like: ‘handstand’, ‘basic instinct’, ‘kalender’, ‘kubus’, ‘ballen’, ‘bellen’, ‘kammen’ ‘dans’ ‘gitaar’, ‘touw’, ’stofzuigen’ or ‘mop’. The point is to score 300 points as fast as possible by typing the right commands and making him sweat. If you succeed, Kalle will go seek freshness in the airconditioned Ford Fiesta and you get to win lovely prizes.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Brussels, Belgium
Via: coolz0r


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Why is this such a blatatant rip-off? Is it supposed to be?

Wesley's picture

It's a copy from the CP+B's "subservient chicken"????????????????????????????

Oh, God!

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There is alot to be said for originality. Of which this has none.

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i start to hate any kind of "reality web shows".
become like a "pop-up" of this age. argh!

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I've played it for quite some time, and had really fun with it. With all the games in in, it's way more than a subservient chicken. And funny too (if you speak french or dutch).

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The game really stressed me out. I loved it!

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