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advertising ninja
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this is almost the same as YELLOW CHOCOLATE campaign done for yellow pages. very nicely made but not really fresh.

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Anders Holm
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Campaign is still ongoing at .

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Done the best job in the world. Live on a resort in Queensland AU. and blog. All news sources picked that one right up. I think it was even on cnn.

because therefore it is

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I liked the idea.

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The interesting thing to know would be the daily/weekley unique visitors? To the point of being a viral social-media success, I think the ad-placement's have been to dominate.

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Anders Holm
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Well, the average time on site is now about 8 minutes. All together visitors have spent more than 60 000 hours watching our branded content. Total amount of visits (not unique) is now close to one million.

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is like big brother, but in an advertising way

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