Finnish Refugee Council: The Illiteracy Font

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Finnish Refugee Council wants to make people aware of third world illiteracy. So, for the international Literacy Day we created an unreadable font. The font was used and discussed in Scandinavia’s biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and its weekly supplement NYT, in the website of tabloid Iltalehti and in Strada, a cultural TV programme on YLE the Finnish equivalent of BBC. We also made a Facebook app to write unreadable status updates. During the Literacy day the Facebook app was used 2238 times. Please donate to the good cause by clicking this link. You can also download the font file there.

Advertising Agency: 358 Helsinki, Finland
Copywriters: Taro Korhonen, Axa Fahler
Art Director: Antero Jokinen
CTD: Katja Koivisto

October 2012


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