European Commission: Imagine all the water hidden in...

You wouldn’t believe how huge is the amount of water needed to produce consumer goods. To warn people on that hard reality, the European Commission launched an online platform along with a viral video showing how many balloons you can fill with the 2393 litres of water required to produce a hamburger. But more importantly, what to do with these thousands of water balloons.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Directors: Sam De Win, Seb Deroover
Art Director: Philip Schiebold
Copywriter: Guillaume Gallant
Director: Kenson
Music: Polydor
Published: May 2012


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nice work, but the point is... ?!?

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I'm guessing the aim is to get people to reduce their 'water footprint'. first, of course, people would need to know their footprint...

I would've thought a fun approach to calculating a water footprint might've been a better call than 'make your own video and win a camera'. People could still have a chance to win a camera when they calculate their footprint.

I do think the make-a-video-win-a-camera will appeal -- but not to people who can't be bothered or don't have time to make a video. But people are interested in feedback on themselves too -- and if the water footprint calculator were fun, and well made, it'd get people straight into the objective -- and get them learning about it -- I'd say that'd have broader appeal.

I guess calculating the footprint accurately would be fairly complex. But that wouldn't need to matter -- you can have a version of the calculator that is less accurate -- you're still getting people learning about it -- and you can include stuff that involves learning about reducing the footprint.

If a good bit of creative thinking goes into the calculator, you might make that viral...?

Maybe all that is irrelevant -- I'm only making that judgment off the fact that the call is for people to make a video. I'm sure Ogilvy Belgium have loads of plans I don't know about :)

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Phil Lestino
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I wonder what the footprint of making that video was?

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cool image...

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