Euro RSCG: Check-in

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Jean-Luc Soille
Creatives: Heidi Van Damme, Sébastien Van Reet
Account Director: Thierry Debièvre
Check-in team: Pierre Perdreau, Benoit Balasse
E-strategist: Phillipe Haine
Digital manager: Gaetan De Borman
Case design: Yves Larivierre / Padawan


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Dick Swagger
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"... wanted to improve its place" and not "it's place". I wouldn't consider this advertising at all actually. This is the equivalent of adding industry people on Facebook and then posting on their walls that your company is hiring. Using foursquare to check-in and become mayor is just a function of foursquare itself. I don't see anything particularly creative about this.

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Nike Diesel
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super lazy.

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@nike diesel: totally agree

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Underhanded, backstabbing strategy, under-pinned with absolutely no creative concept.

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Absolutely annoying and with no foreseeable institutional or professional recognition return whatsoever... That's the creative industry today. I miss the 90's and I already regret the comment. Gives it too much importance.

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