E*TRADE: BabyMail

Check out the site: http://www.etradebabymail.com

Oddcast and E*TRADE FINANCIAL launched E*TRADE BabyMail, an entertaining application that allows participants to create their own talking baby messages and share them with friends. The application, which was developed in conjunction with Oddcast, the leader in participation marketing, will be promoted on TV during Super Bowl® XLIV and is available immediately at the website. The application extends the E*Trade baby brand and offers users a fun, interactive way to engage with friends, family and the E*Trade brand online.

Advertising Agency: Grey New York, USA


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Found this very very weird! Surely they could have used a child's voice instead of an adult. Just sounds scary!

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Well, that was disappointing...

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The new baby sucks. Sorry parents, but the first eTrade baby was way, way better. I'm assuming the new one's a client's kid?


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