ETB - Bogota's Telecommunications Company : Marco and Nicole

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The objective was to help parents control the websites that their young children visit on the Internet, and talk about the new service offered by the ETB, which is the Content Guardian for adults. Emails were sent out to a certain database with a special suggestive message inviting people to go to: (wannaplaywithme), so they would forward this link the same they forward a porno site.

Agency: Leo Burnett Colombiana, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Directors: Rodrigo Dávila, Germán Espitia
Art Directors: Yenssy González, Andrés Orozco
Copywriters: Camilo Carvajal, Angélica Sánchez
Web design programmer: Carlos Orozco
Released: January 2007


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ivan i visited the website but i couldnt get what does it mean due to the language thou....
geez! i liked the gradually undressing chic.... ;)

| Everartz |

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The girl asks you to tell her what garment should she strip off. When you finally ask her to pull her bra off, the message is: "You're children could be watching this to" and gives you a pack for the telecomunication company for internet parental control.

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Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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muy bueno

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Excelente, y la modelo ufffff. Ya mandenlo a los Cannes.

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The viral is really good, for the one's who dosen't know spanish clothes is:

Nicole clothes
Jacket: chaqueta, abrigo, gavan, gaban, saco.
Top: Top, blusa, chaleco
Skirt: falda, minifalda
Bra: top, brasier, brasiere, brazier, braziere, sosten.
thong: tanga, patnys, panties, cucos, calzon, calson, calzones, calsones, cacheteros.

Marco clothes
Jacket: Chaqueta, blazer, blaser, saco.
Shirt: camisa, camiza.
T-shirt: camiseta, franela, camisilla.
Trousers: pantalon, pantalones.
Boxer: boxer, calsoncillos, calzoncillos, tanga.

Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannes!!

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Thanks for the words!!!!

Brilliant idea!!!

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Cheers for German and his all crew, Yenssy excellent work, award wining I HOPE

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Vamos criaturas!! ya comenzo la campaña pre-cannes???.... la publicidad no es para autoaduladores. mmmm. En mis adentros, siento que ya fue premiada una campaña donde le pides al ordenador que en una pelicula pregrabada, el protagonista de ella se quite la ropa. La buscare y en lo que menos cante os compartire la web site. Por cualquier caso, colombia os felicito por su anticipado leon!!!.

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no es para autoaduladores aunque los grandes egos populan, es para gente que sabe reconocer el talento.

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Criaturas!!!, Por lo pronto, aqui les dejo un web site, que al parecer, es simplemente igual.

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If you ask nicole to dance with burger king's chicken, will they do it? copycats!!!!!!!!!!

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Y bueno en Can siguen premiando a los aboriguenes para los anuncios de 4x4. Se premia el fondo no la forma.
Muy bien,,,la rompieron.

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Buena chatico!!!

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muy bueno el recurso esta muyy bien enfocado.

you can not compare burger king resource whith this the message is totally diferent. great resource great idea.

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