Energizer Batteries: Pre-roll

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Joe Amaral
Art Director: Jon Lane
Copywriter: Andrew Caie
Developer: Pixel Pusher


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Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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Ok... but dont u think this is a bit drag? or is it just me? I mean it certainly is creative no doubt bout tht. But just a bit drag...

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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daniel ieraci
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Annoying. Probably would work better as a static image that didn't require the user to drag the batteries.

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Dunno, people would likely ignore any web ad during surfing but this one requires your interaction to achieve your goal (watch the video) and it's kinda funny.

Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftime better than master of one.

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daniel ieraci
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While you do have a valid point, my only real problem is that it interferes with what the viewer was trying to do before i.e. trying to watch a video...maybe I'm just too critical...

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Hey Grog, how is working at TBWA Toronto these days?

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Grog totally doesn't work at tbwa toronto! I did though...thanks Grog!

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Jaap Grolleman
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Easiest mini game ever!

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you do this 1 time, ok. but 3-4-5 time...
for me, this is weak.

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Ok, now THIS one makes some sense.

The other one, the "desktop widget" is just absolutely annoying stupid.

THIS one actually rewards you for using the batteries. You get your content! And that is exactly what online advertising can do.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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online adverts shouldn't make you have to do things to see content. I'd have left this site by now.

they are forcing you to interact, not many people will find that cool

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It might work as an interactive banner that drives to a tactical campaign.

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chris myles
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good ad.

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A bit gimmicky...

But nice...

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Srry. but done. By the same energinzer in 2006. And won at NY festival.

It loaded AoL movie trailers. When plp whant to see a trailer it appear and they have to put the batteries for the movie to stard

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