Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest: Hillbilly Horror Tribute part 2

WARNING! If you have weak nerves you shouldn't watch this.

The first film was released on Wednesday on Elmsta's facebookpage, the second on Friday.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm, Sweden
Production company: Hobby film
Art director: Gustav Egerstedt
Directors: Oskar Bård, Linda Callenholt
DOP: Mattias Rudh
Producer: Steven Peterson
Postproduction: Stopp Johan Boije, Annika Pehrson
Sound: Stopp Edward
Editing: Håkan Wärn
Music: The Shit/Musical circus/Matte


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It works, but it's terrible to watch.

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what You have to have in mind inventing and doing such thing... i am not scared of horrors at all. I am scared of such thing as part of culture, acceptable and "funny". Sorry guys – it's terrible.

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what is this a trailer? seriously, they could have done better with a horror festival.

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Too obvious. Just because there is an easy way out (with this being a horror festival), it does not always mean that you should take it.

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