Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest: Hillbilly Horror Tribute part 1

WARNING! If you have weak nerves you shouldn't watch this.

The first film was

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm, Sweden
Production company: Hobby film
Art director: Gustav Egerstedt
Directors: Oskar Bård, Linda Callenholt
DOP: Mattias Rudh
Producer: Steven Peterson
Postproduction: Stopp Johan Boije, Annika Pehrson
Sound: Stopp Edward
Editing: Håkan Wärn
Music: The Shit/Musical circus/Matte

September 2011


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I get that it's for a horror fest, but horror isn't necessarily the same as tasteless movies, which is something a lot of people binds together with the genre. So why go and point out "Yes! horror films on this festival is just something where we cut limbs off and get a laugh about it"... I really think it's a terrible concept and utterly tasteless on top of that

they get two starts instead of one for at least getting the part right about using social medias at the same time. Really expected more from Saatchi & Saatchi

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Is the use of the word holocaust is necessary?
not such a good campaign, i mean, the idea is nice. but the title killed it in my opinion.

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I think the name refers to classic horror movies such as Zombie Holocaust and Cannibal Holocaust and no deeper meaning than that. I like it because it have that 70's horror movie feeling to it. I'll give it an 8.

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