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OMG! What's that?

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the "idea" is that if you are wearing these undies then no matter how UNsexy you are being i.e. telling a crude joke, playing the tuba, or making shadow puppets, you still look sexy...
That took me a couple of minutes and i had to watch the ads back to back to find a common theme, which ain't to good. I know it is viral, but a line explaining WTF was going on would have made a world of difference. Also, viral doesn't have to be handheld digi cam. Better production might have helped too.

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These are worth...

Just cause you say something is Viral don't make it so?

Silly old people on the internet.

My 24 year old ass can't watch these right though... O&M in Toronto this is not.

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