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Boring and lame.

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please please please explain!!!

write to me on my private mail if you wish!

i beg of you!

what is all this crap....???????????

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I only have a theory... check my comment on the tuba girl one


If someone KNOWS, please let me know too.

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thank you hdizzle :)

your theory does make a lot of sense.

it's too bad it's so hard to figure out...

and me, personally, i didn't go googling "saucer girl". it's a bit too complicated to work, i guess. after all an ad is not a film. the point of ads is to be comprehensive and concise after all.

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This campaign relies on you googling saucergirl and finding her Myspace page linked above. There you will find this:

I love:

So the whole point of the campaign is to drive traffic to the lingerie website.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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I love this campaign.
I love the fact that everybody goes "wtf", "i don't get it", but still guys are complaining about the fact that the girls aren't naked. So that means that it is still arousing them. Even if the girl is doing stupid things you'll still be seduced by her and her underwear.
That's the proof that this awesome campaign works.

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