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i like the whole pc background. it's not a new idea but nicely done and it's fun to watch.
i wish i could have been at the set :)

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Its alot of fun.

Nothing particularly new but fun nontheless.

'Say it right, then say it great' - Hey Whipple! Squeeze this!

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Jennifer Chen
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It was released in 2005, mind.

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That was terribly done. I'm not sure if the idea was to fool the user into thinking it was their desktop, in which case it was a complete failure; or if it was just meant to be a "cute" idea, in which case it was a relative failure. Why highlight your inability to pull off impressive technical feats by faking them in an obvious manner?

Another example of a brainstorm gone wrong on the part of creative. Where is the strategy behind this? What is it meant to achieve? I get no message from it, something that might be tempered by brilliant execution, but not by mediocre execution, as in this case.

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Arnold Santillan

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Very nice one like this:

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could be one of this:

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