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November 2010
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Digital agency HUGE recently worked with AEG Electrolux to produce a series of videos for the Perfunkt platform. HUGE designed and built as a community for people in search of the perfect lifestyle where they can learn new skills and interact with master chefs. Branded content studio The Department of the 4th Dimension (The D4D) directed nine creative culinary videos for the platform to showcase various professionals illustrating their unique skills.

The episodes include:
• Choosing Beef – Choosing Beef with Jack O'Shea
• Steak Tartare – Jack O'Shea's Steak Tartare
• Cooking Meat Right – Insights from Jack O'Shea
• Apple Strudel – Manfred Otte and his Perfect Apple Strudel
• Currywurst – The Best Currywurst In Berlin with Rainer Lehman
• Ironing & Steaming
• Perfect Berliner Pancakes – Lars Siebert shares his technique.
• German Sourdough Rolls Berliner Schrippen – An in-depth view of making Berliner buns
• German Whole Wheat Bread – The Perfect Whole Wheat Bread at Siebert's bakery

Advertising Agency: HUGE, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Director: Matt Checkowski
Executive Producer: Ron Cicero
Producer: Troy Miller
Cinematographer: Keith Dunkerley
Editors: Leander Rappmann, Wyatt Jones, Edwin Steinitz
VFX: The D4D
Program Lead: Jessica Walker
Art Director: Meredith Bagerski
Experience Lead: Sophie Kleber
Research Lead: Kirsten Lawton
Senior Interaction Designer: Jessica L’Esperance
Marketing Strategist: Ariston Anderson
Social Media Strategist: Tessa Barrera
Interaction Designer: Annie Ha

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good web design, as always from huge, but this is not a showstopper concept.


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