Edding: Digital Highlighter

The first digital highlighter of its kind allows users to highlight texts online, share them via social media sites and email or save them as PDF files. A bookmarklet solution allows the digital highlighter to work on any website with text, regardless of which browser is being used.

Advertising Agency: kempertrautmann, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Heiko Freyland, Stefan Walz
Copywriter: Heiko Freyland
Art Director: Bastian Adam
Production Company: BlueMars
Account Managers: Elisabeth Einhaus, Niklas Kruchten, Dorothea Feurer
Programmer: Christian Pappas, Andreas Seebald
Production Manager: Matthias Muck
Technical Developer: Sebastian Maus
Technical Director: Tobias Kirchhofer
Interactive Producer: Larissa Hube


Lazarus's picture
1538 pencils

Great technology. Unless the agency came up with the technology, then there's nothing special here.

NicoCiego's picture
1035 pencils

well done.
I'm sure a lot of web surfers want something this.

DBB's picture
1218 pencils

Almost certain it was done...

Mayfair's picture
8 pencils

Not sure it will catch on but nice idea!

Martijn.'s picture
74 pencils

nicely done, great product also.

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