Edding: Digital Highlighter

The first digital highlighter of its kind allows users to highlight texts online, share them via social media sites and email or save them as PDF files. A bookmarklet solution allows the digital highlighter to work on any website with text, regardless of which browser is being used.

Advertising Agency: kempertrautmann, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Heiko Freyland, Stefan Walz
Copywriter: Heiko Freyland
Art Director: Bastian Adam
Production Company: BlueMars
Account Managers: Elisabeth Einhaus, Niklas Kruchten, Dorothea Feurer
Programmer: Christian Pappas, Andreas Seebald
Production Manager: Matthias Muck
Technical Developer: Sebastian Maus
Technical Director: Tobias Kirchhofer
Interactive Producer: Larissa Hube

December 2011


Lazarus's picture
1536 pencils

Great technology. Unless the agency came up with the technology, then there's nothing special here.

NicoCiego's picture
1033 pencils

well done.
I'm sure a lot of web surfers want something this.

DBB's picture
1216 pencils

Almost certain it was done...

Mayfair's picture
8 pencils

Not sure it will catch on but nice idea!

Martijn.'s picture
74 pencils

nicely done, great product also.

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