EA Sports, Fight Night Champion: Tyson

Advertising Agency: HEAT, USA
Executive Creative Director: Steve Stone
Creative Director: Warren Cockrel
Associate Creative Director: Nei Caetano
Art Director: Jesse Bowen
Copywriter: Rob Leon


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It was pretty interesting to watch this interview.

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Reality Check
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Boxing fans will be pleased.

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man i was hooked (ha!) after the first interview. Great editing and stories. And I am entirely clueless about boxing. But this made me wanna take my shirt off and start hitting stuff. Good motivational piece I guess.

Quite really.

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Very nice!

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I'm guessing this is added content on the game DVD? It's good supplemental material, but not very intriguing marquee work.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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It's nice that this man can still make a living talking about what a scumbag he is.

I feel pity and contempt for him in equal measure.

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