Dutch Customs: Retargeting street vendors

Dutch Customs wanted to inform travelers that it's illegal to bring back fake designer bags and small knifes from holiday destinations around the world. We created retargeting banners in which street vendors try to sell you these products and placed them on travel websites. Thanks to the retargeting technique, the street vendors followed you around, popped up when least expected and they got more desperate each time. And after their little sales pitch, we delivered our message; this is not OK.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Creative Director: Bas Korsten
Art Directors: Jeena van der Heul, Fethi Uluak
Copywriter: Ben Goedegebuur
Director: Florian Vermeulen / Artcore
Producer: Chantal Gulpers

May 2013


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alex razzaghi
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Fun :)

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Nice idea in theory but who the hell is gonna activate the audio on what is visually the same banner 3 freaking times!?

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I liked it, but did it accomplish anything???

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