Drunk Lock: iPhone Application

Drunk Lock is an iPhone application that blocks all the functions of your phone, except emergency contacts when you're drunk.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Zeynep Karahan
Art Director: Emre Ünaylı
Copywriter: Berkin Dalgıç

May 2012


nicolausmayo's picture
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damn smart!!! but it will use-full when the owner has it

kleenex's picture
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I say it can be useful, BUTTT will many people even use it to begin with.

gioborde's picture
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Seems pretty useful to me, and something I would appreciate. Well done guys!!!


newblake's picture
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As far as app ideas goes, it's one that will probably be downloaded as a gimmick but that's OK. What I'm missing here is the advertising/marketing concept. Who would the client be that this is pitched at? Is it a Drink Aware app for an alcohol company or is it for a taxi service? The concept is good and sound but needs to be housed with a client to make it tight.

HTG's picture
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Obviously a student idea for a student problem that students deal with in their student lives. Nothing here for the real world. What's next, an app that will excuse your late homework? Way to go Miami Ad School.

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