Dr Pepper: Chatroulette

Happy April Fools' Day from Dr Pepper!

April 2010


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Very cool!

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So the Brits have gone totally gaga about this chatroulette thing. Is it like the new "facebook"? lol
I believe it was French Connection who first used it for their Master of Seduction campaign, which, to my knowledge, wasn't particularly successful.

ps: Ivan, this should not be in "United States".

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Is it UK you think?

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Yes, the link at the end of the video is
Dr Pepper US would never do this (one reason being is that chatrouelette is not popular here)

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I guess the reason for not doing this in the US would also be a fear of eing sued. The risk of some über-conservative parent (some of the guys look underage) complaining would probably not be worth it.

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Awesome! Brilliant! Low cost, great character and I'm sure its going to be watched on YouTube for years to come.

- Jeff Greenhouse

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Ahhh.... to follow up my last comment... seems like its not quite as original as I thought, but its probably new to the masses of viewers. Looks like this type of chatroulette pranking has been done a few times before. Still a great use of it in my opinion.

- Jeff

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ahah and again, use of chatroulette

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so... there is hope to see anything other than jerk offs in chatroulette then.

it seems fun, won't help very much to sales but brand recognition is ok too.

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Thats a winner, right there

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a winner? I don´t think so...
correct idea

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added some pepper!


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Like that they use a (at least a little bit) new trend for a low cost vid... Clever Marketing

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I loove chatroulette!

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