Dove: Thought Before Action

After years of celebrating Real Beauty and helping women find happiness in how they look, Dove decided to try something different. For the first time, we spoke directly to those responsible for manipulating our perception of beauty – art directors, graphic designers and photo retouchers – in a place only they could be reached.

Advertising Agency: OgilvyOne/Ogilvy, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Matt Hassell, Ian MacKellar
Art Director: Stefan D'Aversa
Copywriter: Noah Feferman
Account Director: Aviva Groll
Account Supervisor: Asha Davis

March 2013


philcoulter's picture
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great idea. using a photoshop action is a clever way to push the 'real beauty' message.

brianross's picture
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Clever idea

Tom Megginson's picture
Tom Megginson
548 pencils

Very cool. Whether anyone was actually punked or not, this video will definitely go viral.

zouz08's picture
209 pencils

ok and then? how the real target will get the message?
or the target audience is just women art directors, graphic designers... what a huge target.

come on, check our website:

sdaversa's picture
8 pencils

Tom, this guy got punked it seems. Good sport though.

DadManAdMan's picture
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Love it. Great to see Dove thinking beyond TV ads and attempting to shift behaviour when it actually occurs.

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adri10288's picture
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Cool execution. But why would Dove want to target such a small audience of advertising-savvy people? What are they gonna do, get inspired to quite their jobs? Seems pointless.

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Pedro Ramos
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really clever spin on something regularly used to make pictures prettier than they actually are...

Ceballos's picture
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Why doesnt Unilever do the same with AXE?

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