Doritos: Case study

Check it out: http://www.papercut.se/doritos/

Advertising School: Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm, Sweden
Copywriter: Carl Fredrik Jannerfeldt
Art Director: Tomas Jonsson

October 2008


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Crisp One
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cool app but not fair to the people who paid for that advertising space...

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then it would not be fair to people who paid for advertising in tv to ba able to change channel?
i find it fair

genius idea, i would give them a lion

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Crisp One
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then maybe its up to advertisers to create better, funnier, more creative commercials so people watch and don't need to change the channel becuase that damn HeadOn commercial comes on.

and maybe its up to interactive departments to stop putting out "punch the monkey, and win a ringtone" type ads, and make those better as well.

I agree, less advertising is cool, but then we'd all be out of jobs

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I bet these guys are miami ad school, genius, well done.

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Guest commenter

Dangerous, because i suppose Doritos have control over this iframed area, and someday maybe a dirty mind thinks of replacing your stuff with their stuff.

It works like Vundo virus, by the way.

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This is so cool, you should put it some where like a banner!

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Guest commenter

Eh... not that new. These kind of apps have been around for ages. Stop the stealing.

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control C
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yeah... i dont get why people continue stealing, for example illustrations and photography have been around for ages and people still use them for ads... come on dude... dont be jelous make a relevant comment the next time

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Guest commenter

your hyper link is missing the colon and won't work...

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HUGE disconnect with the product. plus, i'd feel just about as comfortable installing an ad-blocker, that's essentially an ad, as i would installing any of the other thousand addy ad-blockers or spyware heavy toolbars. besides, all i need is 'no script' and that takes care of the ad that are javascript dependent.

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Gold at One Show 2008 (interactive)

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Gold at the One Show 2008, these guys kick ass.

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Download an app called ad block plus which is offered on the firefox site as an free add-on that actually removes ads completely...

-- 9 out of 10 dentists agree that most people will believe any statistic you throw at them.

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what about the people who like ads!

hahahahha... nice idea.

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does this mean that doritos doesn't do any online advertising?

and yeah, what about those of us who like ads?

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Cooool !!!! I like the idea of freedom....this will eliminate all the bad stuff .(good work & ideas will have more value in the future) Thank you for this great student work from Sweden.

Simple ideas are the best !

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Sigh* we are now stealing ideas from people who are more creatively finding ways to avoid online advertising? I doubt this is what Steve Lambert had in mind when he developed add-art or when the software which makes this app possible was covered in Adweek Vol. XLIX No.22 pg. 22.

get the untainted version here.

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Guest commenter

Sorry Sherlock. But the article your'e referring to is from june. Deadline for the One Show CC is in february, and the award show is in may.

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Of the 100+ add-ons available for Firefox, "adblockers" are the most popular. The most current, Adblock Plus, has over 18 million downloads (as of May 2008) since Jan 2006 (currently over 250,000/week). It's predecessor, Adblock, has been downloaded over 8 million times. Sherlock.

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Jup. Gold at One Show all right.


I think this did quite well at the D&ADs as well. But I'm having trouble finding any results...

Anyway, great stuff. Keep it up!!

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Confirmed User

In the Add-Art project you can't decide what you want to look at, Ok it's art but it's still something you can't decide yourself. Isn't that the whole concept here? "Filled only with the stuff YOU like". Anyone...

And if we are talking about banner blockers, Ad-Art wasn't the first one there either.

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obviously student.

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Definitely done by a traditional ad agency.

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forced idea, nice execution.

you can take doritos out and replace with x amount of brands. not just fmcg either.

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Guest commenter


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Student work. Definitely. But still, tremendously good student work, If this is what todays students are up to some of us (read: me) should probably considering going back to school.

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first thing i thought of was: "forced." I was wondering how the heck they'd tie it in, and at the end they say "It's filled with only the stuff you like. Like Doritos" or whatever. I agree with apseudobeing, they could've easily said "Like Coke." or "Like Playboy." etc.


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Cool idea... that would be even more great if 'Only the good stuff' is really used as Doritos' baseline... Is it?
About fair or not to block other ads... This could be an application that expires after a few days, weeks... and then can never be installed again on the same computer... Just a 'Doritos experience'. Anyway, even it would be your own pictures, you would get bored with seeing them all the time, and changing pictures all the time... nahhh.

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Guest commenter

Found the guys portfolio, and they seem to be students, don't know if they have graduated or what.

Anyway, knock yourselves out.


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Creative Dismector

Why is this a rip off? The only thing it has in common is the idea of replacing banners with things, In Add arts case it's some boring old paintings here you can have whatever you choose. Kinda different if you ask me, thus the concept.

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Repackaging an old, very old, idea and technology with their own branding and fresh twist (replace with alternative images). You cant feel sorry for the advertisers who created the need of such tool/technology through poor quality advertising that we're all sick of. The fact that this form of advertising is achieving the current social conversation it's getting = Gold.

"a good creative doesn't let anyone know where he stole the idea from in the first place"

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