DEUS: Cookie

In order to launch DEUS, a TV series for teens, about an A.I. computer program gone wild – we decided to create DEUS in real life!
Stage 1: We invited teens to enter a sweepstakes, by filling out a form with personal data – while secretly installing a cookie file in their computer.
Stage 2: Two weeks later, we surprised them with personalized banners and a mysterious minisite that knew everything about them!
Stage 3: We Solved the mystery, by connecting the banners to the series.

The Results: A real panic was created, followed by wide discussions. Thousands of teenagers came to DEUS’s premiere screenings and the first episode brought record TV ratings.

Advertising Agency: McCann Digital, Israel
Chief Creative Director: Eldad Weinberger
Creative Technology Director: Max Shcherbakov
Creative Director: Merian Pachman
Copywriter: Sahar Lewenstein
Art Director: Viktoria Gendelman
Content Development & Social Media: Nir Refuah
Released: November 2008

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Pretty insane... in a good way.

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Actually, kind of lame.

It's pretty transparent to say something like "Are you enjoying your time at 'Riverside' high school?" I would just assume some advertiser got my contact info somehow. Oh wait, that's what happened.

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Oh my, you must be pretty smart for a 14 years old brat.
You're the one that's lame. See what reaction it provoced there...

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Good job! Great Idea.

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brilliant!!!!..thats totally advertising! making a scandal first. good job!

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7090 pencils

Nice work.

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seems slightly unethical and deceptive?

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Would be interesting if it was actually done, but I think many people would find out pretty fast whats going on... And then they would be a lot of suing :)

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