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thats a pretty funny little idea here, the site could have looked a lot better tho.

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Ummmmm - could I not just do the same by collecting a stash of business cards and handing them out? This idea is goofy. Would be better if it was one name, with multiple company identities or something along those lines.

original doodles + creative sweat = thinkingfresh.ca

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Damn, one of those are mine. *like the idea!

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That is one ugly looking ad! Good job on mimicking other ugly ads you'll see in the back of a second rate newspaper!
Love the idea!

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this would have been funny.

too bad las vegas tourism already did this, only waaaaaay better.

they pushed it alot further with the secret identities. they even had a phone# w/ prerecorded voicemail. it was frickin awesome.


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great idea!

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focus group
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great stuff!

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Smart idea. Very cool.

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