DBS Bank: Expect the Unexpected. Halved Car?

Part of a series of installations that depict the most unimaginable that could happen to a car. This mysteriously bisected car is the first of its kind to be seen on the roads in Singapore. Curious onlookers and drivers were directed to a QR code they could scan to find out what had happened to the car. Filmed from the perspective of an in-car camera, this is the first of three dramatised tongue-in-cheek videos of unexpected events caught on camera. The videos drive home a safety message to drivers, that with an in-car camera you can expect to see the unexpected.

Advertising Agency: Tribal DDB, Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Neil Johnson
Creative Directors: Thomas Yang, Francis Ooi
Art Director: Benson Toh
Copywriter: Theresa Ong
Producer: Michelle Tan, Jamie Yao
Photographer: Allan Ng
Account Servicing: Anthony Wan, Joshua Lee, Jasmine Ng, Ng Kok Jong, Ellyna Rahim, Pierce Sim, Ng Hwei Yun, Edwyna Yeo
Published: October 2012


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Klara K.
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Meh. If this direction is chosen I would go for more graduating and shocking action.

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Expect the unexpected......more like expect the impossible.... -_-

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I'm totally installing an in-car camera from DriveShield. The danger is always around the corner.
Btw, where's the other half? A sword slices, doesn't dissolve halves.

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