Consol Energy: Flag

Check out the microsite:

Advertising Agency: BRUNNER, Pittsburgh, USA
ECD: Jay Giesen
Digital CD/AD/Dir.: Aaron Cacali
CD: Dave Kwasnick
ACD/CW: Neil Gunner
Digital Design: Bob Rusnak
Sr. Visual Developer: Kyle Zielinsky
Visual Developer: Jonathan Esack
WQED credits:
Executive Producer: Rick Sebak
Producers: Minette Seate, Alicia Schisler
Released: February 2009


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wow, that's an eyeful. sorry guys, but i don't see many people sticking around on this site long enough to get through each stripe. big flash files are going the way of the vcr.

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@sneakyhands: you may be right, some people won't explore the flag very long. This is an interactive tour of CONSOL, its business and coal's impact on America's power usage. It's contained within the main web site, which is mostly HTML with some flash and video elements, so all of the information about CONSOL that you could want is available quickly, in an easy-to-access format. This is really for people who want to explore the company in a more immersive way.

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Nice concept but I think adding the moving flag component overly complicates it and doesn't add anything to the design intent. Would have perhaps been more effective focusing on the layers only. Also the flag sound gets a little irritating after a while.

Otherwise nice to see something a little different from the typical corporate web tripe.

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Agreed! At least there's a bit of personality here. Not just an overworked corporate web template.

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splattner fucknor blow it out your ass........

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