Time Donors

December 2013




Holidays are all about giving. After a great year, the people of Conill want to give something precious back to their communities: time. Conill Time Donors is an initiative that invites people to strive for more efficient meetings in order to donate any time saved towards volunteer work for the Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade and Mujeres de la Tierra in Los Angeles. Through a unique app developed for this initiative, employees, vendors and clients can track the time of their meetings, activating a timer at the outset and stopping it at the conclusion. Any remaining time that was planned for the session is then automatically uploaded to a website that compiles and tracks all of the time saved: Each minute saved will result in one minute of time that people in Conill’s offices will donate. On January 14 (agency volunteer day), Conillians will roll up their sleeves and perform such important tasks as weed abatement; curb and table painting; and sea oat planting to prevent beach erosion and establish new ecosystems for wildlife. Thus far, Conill Time Donors has reached more than 750 donated minutes. Visitors to the site can keep track of the progress through December 23.

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Advertising Agency: Conill, USA
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Creative Director: Mario Granatur
Associate Creative Directors: Martin Donovan, Nicolas Mejia
Digital Production: Saulo Sequeira
Account Supervisor: Cinthia Costa
Production House: Plural and Partners
Editing: Makine
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not a bad idea,.

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People sharing time...not new.

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not a bad idea,.