Coca-Cola Zero: What do pétanque, fishing and knitting have in common? Zero.

When is the last time you and your friends gathered around the television to watch a good game of pétanque? Right. Pétanque players, knitters, fishermen,... they don't get the glory soccer players get. But wouldn't it be nice if for once they got some more support? We asked 5 ordinary people if we could film them while going about their hobbies. They had no idea we were about to turn their quiet pastime into a crazy experience, just by adding zero each time. Watch as 6 spectators become 60, and 60 quickly become 600, turning the unsuspecting protagonists into idols while supporter madness breaks out around them. The video is part of the Coca-Cola Zero "Just Add Zero" campaign, which shows that adding zero gives you more. In the same way that Coke Zero gives you more great Coke taste with zero sugar and zero calories. When you need more, just add zero.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Antwerp, Belgium
Creative Directors: Geoffrey Hantson, Katrien Bottez
Art Director: Tim Schoenmaeckers
Copywriter: Niels Sienaert
Account Directors: Nathalie Rahbani, Patrick Clymans
Account Manager: Sophie Van Elslander
Digital Strategic Planners: Kris Hoet, Sophie Jadoul
Head of Interactive Concept: Frédéric De Vries
Executive Producers: Tuyen Pham, Marc Van Buggenhout
Production Company: Made in Brussels, McKenzie Rudolphe
Director: Jonty Toosey
DoP: Bruce Jackson
Producer: Filip Vangeffelen
Post Production: ACE image Factory
Editors: Stijn Deconinck, Stefan Rycken
Sound Production: Raygun


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89 pencils


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Kudos!!! LOL

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More fans the better.

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Love the "just ad zero" slogan, amazing use of the brand for added value.

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Fun idea. "Just add zero" is memorable and a great tie-in. Also, a llama in a sweater gets major bonus points in my books.

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Great line and execution!

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"Just add zero" is a fantastic line. But are we seriously lauding a flash mob?

Coca-Cola has broadened their brand ideal so much, it's lost its edge. They need to refocus.

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