Coca-Cola: Happiness Truck

A Coca-Cola delivery truck is converted into a happiness machine on wheels delivering "doses" of happiness in the streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Where will happiness strike next?

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Advertising Agency: Definition 6, USA


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Thumbs Up!

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A nice extension from the campus stunt.

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Shadow Ops
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Which just won Best of Show at local Atlanta Addys...expect it to do very well this year.

Let's keep advertising fun

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All other Coca-Cola trucks are lame compared to this one. Could this be even better than an ice cream truck???

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Mike Z.
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Heart-warming concept, maybe. But does anybody else see how this has the potential to go very wrong in the first few instances? Friendly looking truck luring children to it with the promise of treats?

Boxey's picture
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Nope. It lures adults, too.

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"Free drinks appreciated by thirsty penniless shock" say advertisers.

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Well said.

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Let's give this people a little gift. Ehi! It works.

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free stuff rocks!!!

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jajaja that´s right curiousP.

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Beautifully done. It's nice to see that they did not limit happiness to just a free bottle of Coke.

And it's relatively inexpensive to do, as opposed to spending tens of thousands on commercial and print ads.

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i agree with schizzy, yea it does have a bit of a negative vibe to it in the start, but its got HUGE scope to remain in the minds of the people. Well if ur not too presumptous about where the van goes, it works :)

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Is free sampling idea....?? need to learn much abt brand promotion activity....

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people like free stuff? no way

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Sometimes the esiest thing to do is also the rightest one. That's it.

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