Clean Up the Internet: Clean Up the Internet

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A new browser plug-in suggests alternatives to offensive words on social networks. A short while ago BBR Saatchi&Saatchi met with 15 teenagers from the StartupSeeds organization – a program for nurturing technology-oriented youth, in order to try and find a solution to a national (and worldwide) problem – cyber-bullying: boycotts, harassments and offensive messages causing dozens of children emotional damage which in many cases pushes them to end their lives tragically. Out of dozens of ideas, we chose the one which addressed the offending party, the cyber bully, just before he writes the offensive message on platforms like Facebook, blogs and forum: We have created a Chrome browser plug-in that detects offensive words, and replaces them with positive ones.

Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi&Saatchi, Israel
Chief Creative Officer: Nadav Pressman
Executive Digital Director: Maayan Tirangel
Creative Director: Sharon Refael

Planners: Tal Forkosh, Shai Nissenboim
Copywriters: Liron Cohen, Oren Meir
Art Director: Kamil Mekhti
Senior Account Manager: Elad Kuperman
Designers: Udi Dunayer, Michael Shely
Programmers: Miki Abtan, Leonid Angarov
Editor: Tom Soffer
Digital Studio Manager: Danit Atia-Moshe
Special Thanks: Shachar Aylon, Oren Amiran

February 2013


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Beautiful campaign. Great idea. (Yummy, the plug-in really works).

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I think the idea is strong. Didn't need the live action shot of someone hanging at the end. That's a bit overkill.

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I would start with that.

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