Chili's: Spin 2 Win Facebook App

To see just how bad Chili's fans wanted a free $20 Dinner for Two, we created an app that paired them up with a random Facebook friend. If they were willing to go with whoever they landed on, we gave them a gift card.

Advertising Agency: Hill Holliday Boston, MA, USA
Creative Directors: Dave Gardiner, Joe Berkley
Art Director: Steven Grskovic
Copywriter: Frank Cartagena
Designer: James Adame, Nicole Ricciardi
Additional credits: Carrot Creative
Published: November 2010


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It's a good idea, but success is guaranteed when you give away free stuff. And a crashing server is not a good measure anyway. It implies poor planning from the IT dept.

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The most important thing is the move of the idea across the web, it´s a good viral despite the benefit of a free meal.

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Just 200+ gift cards? Sounds like they had to pull the plug on it.


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