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Fallon in conjunction with B-Reel have created a new online game for Cheestrings to go along with the latest TV spots launched earlier this month. In the TV ads Mr. Strings finds himself at the airport ready to go on his world tour. The game continues from there. Users firstly design their own vehicle and then take it across the world, trying to keep up with their fellow-traveller, Mr. Strings.

The first two countries are China and Canada, with more to be launched later in the year. By exploring them the kids will encounter carp ponds and snowmen, dodge giant pandas and whales and collect the hiding shy cows.

The Walt Disney Company, in a recent survey concluded that nearly 80% of tweens (8-14 year olds) spend the majority of their time on the internet playing games. Hence, it is important that the new site serves an educational purpose as well as being fun. Karina Wilsher, Manager Director of Fallon said "The new Cheestrings game is a great online experience for families. It gives kids the opportunity to get creative and enjoy the wonderful world of Mr. Strings".

The site promotes the learning of shapes and volumes by encouraging children to draw vehicles and fill them with milk to bring them to life, and also has famous landmarks as references to geography.

Advertising Agency: Fallon London, UK
Creative Director: Tim Scheibel
Creatives: Rick Gayton, Darren Beresford
Group Account Director: Richard Fearn
Account Manager: Fintan Mc Givern
Agency Producer: Silvan Schreuder
Production Co: B-Reel
Music and Sound Design: Ton sthlm
Medium: Online

January 2010


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Super Muhtar
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very good, but loading screens make me bored.

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A bit long to load. The images used to keep the user captive are good. My car was super cool!

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sandhya rao
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Is'nt delighting

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this is the best website in the world.

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