Chabad Addiction Rehabilitation Centre: The CARE centre

The CARE centre - the place to turn to in any time of need.

This idea used a pre-existing persona on Facebook called Vivienne Stevenson. Vivienne, a popular model with over 500 friends describes over the course of days, a photoshoot with an unknown ad agency. The shoot becomes Vivienne's first exposure to drugs thanks to the ad agency people. Over the following days conservative Vivienne gradually starts escalating her involvement with drugs, through photos and her status updates she picks up a new boyfriend and other dodgy looking people. Concern from her family grows and grows as we see her sink further and deeper into this drug world. Eventually at the height of the drug frenzy we revealed that Vivienne was in fact doing this to highlight the seriousness of drugs and to promote the work done by the Chabad Drug Rehabilitation Centre. What's more Vivienne's story was fictitious. She was at no point in any danger. The campaign generated huge awareness amongst Facebookers and helped create much more publicity for the Rehab Centre.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Adam Wittert
Art Directors: Marais Janse Van Rensburg, Keshia Meyerson
Copywriter: Dhasagan Pillay
Published: June 2010


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really like it, but I'm not completely sure about using FB to finish the game

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Although I appreciate the general story-telling concept, it seems that 500 virtual "friends" is a very limited reach for any real impact...

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If she had had many friends had not been credible.

What I do not like is that the model is recorded vomiting or taking cocaine. Nobody would.

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Yes i think you are right...

Corbeen's picture
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when u see this video it makes u think that the public they are addressing exists only for their project. and scientology center? baaah
bad try

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somebody ells posted the video of her puking and doing coke, isn't ?

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i like it, i think its a great way to reach people

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Great concept!!! Well done.

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Well done, this is great.

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great idea to use fb as a new media to tell stories. but i'm pretty sure these guys had a reason not to show the reactions of the friends after coming clear.
yes, they delivered the message but i'd be so pissed off if i was fooled by something like this. careful with exploiting the trust of people in this manner.

this is going too far for just promoting a rehab center.

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clayology com
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its a nice way of promoting the rehab centre..but i feel like saying..'good for you!'..it did not appeal to me nor i would desperately want any of the addicts i know to be a part of it..taking real life examples could have actually served the purpose...!!

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