Centraal Beheer Achmea: New footage marslanding

Advertising Agency: DDB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Art Director: Ruben Sonneveld
Copywriter: Robert van der Lans
Illustrator: Joris Blomjous
Published: May 2008

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The Dutch like thier space center stories:



I like the previous films better!

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I don't get it.

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Can anyone translate the copy? I'm sure it will be more meaningful if we know who and what is being advertised.

Gotta give em props for their timeliness, though. They got this together in a hurry considering the Phoenix just landed 5 days ago. So, that's cool, I guess.

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centraalbeheer is an insurance company. The ad here shows when to call them.
Since everything went as per the calculations and pre-planning done by the NASA scientists for the launch of the satellite for Mars, except the parachute fall on the aircraft itself (which actually was not so in the real case, its just a kinda spoof). Here after this everything goes vain, the whole project is useless, the loss of many million dollars. So its now the time to call an insurance agency, here in this case is centraalbeheer.

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hahaha. I wonder if it's real ad? Someone knows? It's very funny.

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Oh Centraal Beheer, a reason to enter advertising.

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