Carnival: Yawn Bomb


If it's boring, someone is sure to put it on the Internet and jam up our feeds with lame posts, photos and status updates. Since Carnival is all about non-stop fun, especially on vacation, they¹re fighting back with a laser-targeted firestorm of fun called the Yawn Bomb. Just enter the url of a boring post, get your link and show your friends what you really think. Stop Boring. Start cruising.

Advertising Agency: Arnold, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Executive Creative Director: Roger Baldacci
Creative Director: Rob Kottkamp
Associate Creative Directors: John Williamson, Sanders Hearn
Copywriter: Joe Beutel
Art Director: Rachel Wolak
Social Media: Sebastian Gard
User Experience: Bob Goodman
Analytics: Erica Sorensen
Technical Leads: Ebbey Mathew, Matt Drom
Video Editing: Alicia Foor
AV: Alex Dreiblatt
Digital Production: Alicia Smith

July 2012

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