Carmichael Lynch: Offset your naughty

Offset your naughty by confessing here:

This holiday season Carmichael Lynch is giving you the chance to keep the coal out of your stocking. Tell us something bad you've done and we'll do something good: donate a carbon offset on your behalf. Less naughty coal for you equals a nicer world for everyone else. So be as bad as you want… just remember to fess up.

Advertising Agency: Carmichael Lynch, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Dave Damman
Copywriter: Nick Nelson
Art Director: Phil Jones
Executive Interactive Producer: Chris Erdrich
Interactive Producer: Mike Johnston
Web Developer: Matt Stanton / Digilab
Senior Project Manager: Lisa Brody


kleenex's picture
26308 pencils


Lazarus's picture
1490 pencils


tazyboy's picture
777 pencils

didnt like execution at all.

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