Carlton Draught: Any excuse

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Continuing on in the phenomenally successful ‘Made from beer’ campaign, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne has released the next instalment in the Carlton Draught series.

Radically different to the previous incarnations (which included the legendary ‘Big Ad’ as well as ‘Skytroop’ and ‘Drop the Bomb’), the ‘Carlton Draught Trio’ campaign maintains the traditional humorous nature of the series but moves it in a new direction.

Ant Keogh, recently promoted to Executive Creative Director of Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, created the campaign and explains both the agency and the client, CUB, wanted to avoid another big ad.

“A lot of brands have been doing big ads for the last few years. To be fresh we needed to go somewhere else. The odd thing is big usually gets in the way of funny. When you think about it, most comedy on TV is small and intimate. That’s because true humour usually comes down to people and their foibles. It’s a very personal human thing,” said Keogh.

After an intensive search for the right director, Keogh settled on Tom Kuntz, recently named ‘Director of the Year’ by the American Director Guild.

“Tom offered us the full package: music video director, a performance director and a physical-comedy guy. He was the stand-out obvious choice,” said Keogh.

Breaking with a tradition of ‘big ads’ the new series of seven spots feature a musical trio who appear in ordinary situations and narrate the thoughts of guys who would rather be having a beer. In each ad, the guys are told by a part of their body - a leg, an elbow, a wart, their ‘goolies’ or ‘weenis’ - that they should go and meet their friends and have fun.

Keogh wrote and composed the songs used throughout and, in fact, ended up performing some of the guitar parts on the finished ads.

Advertising Agency: Clemenger, BBDO, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Chairman: James McGrath
Executive Creative Director / Writer / Art Director: Ant Keogh
Agency Executive Producer: Sonia von Bibra
Director of Client Service: Paul McMillan
Account Director: Michael McKeown
Account Manager: Sam Mackisack
Planning Director: Paul Rees Jones
Senior Planner: Michael Derapas
Music: Ant Keogh
Performed by Matt Gourley, Brandon Moynihan, Jack Harding

Film Director: Tom Kuntz (MJZ films)
Production Executive Producer: Jeff Scruton (MJZ Films)
Line Producer: Wilf Sweetland (Exit Films)
DOP: Jac Fitzgerald
Production Designer: Elizabeth Mary Moore

Melbourne: Chameleon – Fiona Dann
Sydney: Fountainhead Casting – Antonia Murphy
Brisbane – Miss Jane Casting – Jane Trotter
LA – Shooting from the Hip Casting – Francene Selkirk-Ackerman

Post Production:
Editor: Jack Hutchings (The Butchery)
Digital SFX: Digital Pictures Melbourne
Colourist: Martin Greer
Flame Artist: Eugene Richards
Music Engineer: James Cecil/ Cornel Wilczek (Electric Dreams Studio)
Sound Mix: Paul LeCouteur (Flagstaff)


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couldn't be bothered to read the explanation, the credits were too long and probably the ad or whatever it is would be so so.

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