Campari: Tales

Campari's story continues through the pages of the 2008 edition of the Campari Calendar: the style changes and becomes pure fantasy and fairy tales take life as never before. Campari Tales, the concept for the year 2008, is an adult, glamorous and glossy story book where Eva Mendes' alluring sensuality is the absolute protagonist and her enchanting beauty is captured by Marino Parisotto's lens.

Check out the story:

Advertising Agency: Callegary Berville Grey, France
Digital Agency: MRM Worldwide, Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Roberto Apostolo
Art Director: Stefano Cairati
Copywriter: Emilia De Bartolomeis
Senior Consultant: Niccolò Magnani
Released: November 2007


JIki's picture
20 pencils

da worst frame ever seen.

melocoton's picture
987 pencils

beautifull photos

kgeiger's picture
7179 pencils

Hello. Not all the menu button work. Next.

fractalrene's picture
1504 pencils

Damn, now that is style.

Barbara Agatha G.'s picture
Barbara Agatha G.
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The photos are absolutely fantastic, but unfortunately January is so photo-shopped i thought it wasn't Eva Mendez...
And the intro is so great with the voice over...leading us to a disappointing calendar image display. Sorry, but I was expecting more.

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