Camera Clara Photography Studio: StockShits


Advertising Agency: Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Creative Director: Dan Zecchinelli
Art Directors: Ricardo Matos, Rafael Gil, Cristiano aka James
Copywriter: Manuel Rolim
Head of Art: Rafael Gil
Published: September 2011


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Phil Lestino
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With some more vaseline they'll be able to get his head in as well, It's amazing how sophisticated people smuggling has got.

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I prefer originals, but I like the idea :)

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Another perfect example of WFT? This is from Camera Clara Photography Studio: "StockShits"... the name says it all.

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I think you didn't get it.
This is a parody of this great ad:
The purpose is show how stock images ruin your campaign.
Probably, this picture doesn't make it clear. But, if you visit the website, you'll understand.

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But as a stand alone visual, it has us scratching our heads..

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Clearly they didn't get it either. This doesn't work as a stand alone ad. Maybe they should write some copy or reference the ad to make their point. They way it doesn't look like a student ad.

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i did not get it pl anybody explain me

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Not a good parody.

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Guys, it's an online ad, not a print one. Check out the url, please:

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Nice try. Awsome idea. Awfully poor execution.

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ok. It ain't a standalone piece. Just seen the url and even though the idea is good but the approach sux. See no reason at all to take part. Wonder if you will be able to get more than 10 submissions. Get some stronger argument, pls

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WTF???? stock image ads stink. no way they're better than the real picture ones. whoever created this stockshits website is out of their mind.

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Not working for me. Parodies are supposed to be fun.
Anyway... Just another funny creative trying to engage people into something irrelevant.
Too bad. Sorry.

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it takes too much effort to understand...
just don`t work.

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I created a AotW account just to defend this ad!

I thought it was totally bizarre and "bad" at first, too, but it's because this image is out of context. If you click through to you'll see it juxtaposed with the original. The photographer who runs the site is just trying to show you that stock photos will never be as good as the photos that are custom-shot for your campaign.

If you were to see it next to the original, you'd see that it's pretty brilliant.

My question is, did Camera Clara purposely omit the original when submitting to Ads of the World? If so, minus two stars, but only for allowing so many people to be confused!

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Thanks, Nick. We didn't omit the original. We just chose the wrong image to upload in order to represent the project. It seems people aren't clicking the url to fully understand the project.

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