Bike factory

May 2009
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The Bicycle Factory is a promotion for Cadbury where they are getting consumers to help them send 5000 Bicycles to Africa. In Africa a bicycle is much more than just a bicycle, it's access to schools, it's an ambulance, it's a way to move greater distances at faster speeds than on foot, and to carry more as well. Every time you enter a cadbury UPC online, it gets turned into a bicycle part. Watch live as your part gets added to a bicycle, plus explore the factory to watch videos and find out more about the initiative.

Advertising Agency: The Hive, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Simon Creet
Art Director: Paul Parolin
Copywriter: Michelle Spivak
Photographer: Mark Zibert
Other additional credits: Chuck Gamage Animation/E3 Consulting

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After watching the advert of Cadbury in Canada about how they want to make bicycle to be available for school children who they claim walk 4 hours before they get to school! Its a shame that Cadbury will go this length to lie about situation in Africa- Ghana to be precise. It is a big lie that African kids walk 4 hours to get to school and portraying Africa as a village or hamlet- Ghana especially. I am sure they cant do this kind of advert in Nigeria and go scot free. I am telling you guys categorically that it is a big lie that we walk 4 hours before we get to school- if that happens maybe one village in about 20 million people- this is greatly biased. This is a big corporate SCAM from CADBURY!!!