C&A: Fashion Lock

Advertising Agency: DM9DDB, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Marco Versolato
Creative Directors: Hector Miranda, Marcelo Pascoa, Ricardo Tronquini
Art Directors: Antonio Sandes, José Ferraz
Copywriters: Danilo Dualiby, Lucas Guratti
Motion Designer: Marco Loschiavo
Photographer: Sérgio Prado
Project Directors: Cristiane Rojas, Denis Gustavo
Project Manager: Pedro Rais, Ana Luiza Ceolin
Digital Production Company: Cricket Design
Art Buyers: Clariana Costa, Alessandra Salles
Graphic Producers: Clariana Costa, Nereu Marinho
Account Director: Claudia Almeida, Cristiane Rojas, Patricia Vieira, Ana Claudia

August 2014


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41162 pencils


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947 pencils

Um... so what keeps someone from just taking the garment off the hanger? Why should I go through the trouble of unlocking the hanger when slipping the piece off the hanger is so much easier?

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8 pencils

Hi cwriter9, you could not slip the piece out of the hangers because they were attached to them with nylon wire. But, then again, taking the clothes of the hangers without unlocking it was not the point of the idea.

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