BMW: The World's Longest Banner

Experience the banner:

Advertising Agency: Cundari, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Brent Choi
Copywriter: Brian Murray
Art Directors: Raul Garcia, Marcella Coad
Interactive Designer: John Filleti
Associate Creative Director: Cory Eisentraut
Account team: Daryn Sutherland, Katie Lynn, Devon Enright
Development: Jonathon Lee
Media: Media Experts / Karel Wegert

February 2011


CuriousPencil's picture
4225 pencils

Does the arrogance of your ad (including compulsory emetic Tolstoy reference) depend on screen resolution? I'm guessing this whole misfire was a result of someone saying 'long copy ads really work' and the bored/hungover brown-noser replying 'long copy huh? Here's an idea...'

Here's an idea... get your heads out of your arse. Nobody cares how long your ego is.

writersblog's picture
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Bit harsh, but making a long banner for the sake of a long banner is indeed just objectless.
On the other hand, if it was advertising the first amphibious BMW 30M water resistant car.
And we could read a Jacques Cousteau deep sea report on the way down, then it would've made total sense, right?

CuriousPencil's picture
4225 pencils

Good question: does that 'great idea' just need the right client/situation/context/opportunity/ball-size/Large Shoutiness/product in order for its success to shine through, or is it just a shit idea?

Let's hope the creative team on this one come down and have a chat to share their experience.

kleenex's picture
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Great idea, BUTTTTTTTTTTTT the whole ad sucked.

EGMONT's picture
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Yes, cool when you read it, but it actually sucks.

Taylormade's picture
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World's Longest Banner meet the World's Smallest Critics.

boom's picture
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Copy is very funny. Yeah, the angry critics, not so much. Does anyone know how it's actually doing from an engagement metric? It's different, I'll give you that much.

masei's picture
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I've read the first paragraph, an then give up. And didnt click. And dont remember the brand. So...

communicatieteam's picture
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I love the infograhic, ;)

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