BMW: Pursuit across Europe (PACE)

Check out the advergame:

BMW starts a race. P.A.C.E, the “Pursuit across Europe” is an exciting mixture of action and adventure, where users can explore new BMW technology like brake energy regeneration or electric power steering. The race takes place between Lisbon and Prague. Highlights are the hightech flash engine and the fascinating look, realized in cooperation with Interone Worldwide Hamburg and Dirk Hoffmann, a known artist from Hamburg.

Advertising Agency: Interone Worldwide Hamburg, Germany
Consulting: Franziska von Lewinski, Stefanie Knoren
Creation: Matthias Schäfer, Johannes Mücke, Axel Bergander, Sharon Moody
Art Direction: Patrik de Jong
Illustration: Dirk Hoffmann
Music: Christine Schulz
3DStudio: Electric Umbrella
Programming: Torsten Sperling, Karsten Götz, Thorsten Harders

May 2007


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Pretty good.

It draws you in and you play until you have to register, then you log off.

It's only an ad.

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Even if you register you can only play up to Paris. They supposed to email when the next part of the trip is ready.'s picture
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