BMW: Face City


By uploading his photo, chosen from a facebook profile or taken from a webcam, the internet user dives immediately into the Face City adventure: guided by the new BMW 1 Series and to the rhythm of his own music, automatically selected according to the musical tastes published on the facebook profile, a new city with familiar lines comes out of the ground… The car minds between the streets before rising above the clouds in order to reveal to the internet user, like a satellite picture would, a city built to his facial features. Once revealed, this unique city can be explored indefinitely with the mouse, by zooming back and forth on the map.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Ghislain de Villoutreys
Director of Creative Technology: Guillaume Cartigny
Creatives: Tanneguy de The, Laura Moreau, Laurent Salles, Thierry Brioul
Vidéo Production & 3D: Circus
Flash & PHP Development: Make Me Pulse
Published: October 2011


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Looks great.

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The "upload your pic and see yourself among girls etc" gimmick has been done to death. However, this is a fresh approach with an excellent mini site.

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DEmo website is off

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