Black Opium: Black Opium Nuit Blanche

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Targeting an audience of women between 15-25 years of age, the second screen technology allows the userto connect 2 devices and join YSL Black Opium muse Edie Campbell in a nightout.

Head of BETC TV Production and of BETC POP: Fabrice Brovelli

Advertising Agency: BETC Luxe, France
Managing Director: Brune Buonomano
Account Manager: Clément Roumegous
Creative director: Jasmine Loignon
Integrated artistic director: Vianney d’Henripret
Copywriter: Gabrielle Attia
Production: BETC Pop
Head of Digital & Integrated Production: Bao Tu Ngoc
TV Producer: Coumba Fall
Music Creative Director: Christophe Caurret
Production house: Iconoclast
Sound production: Green United Music
Director: Louis de Caunes

January 2016


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A sort of super tv advertising. The interaction between videos works perfectly. I don't get exactly the tech behind it but I like!

rbix's picture
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The thing I don't like, is that it requires too much effort from the consumers side. It should just be a QR code scan.

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