Big Red: Don't Tell Mom We're Doing Experiments In the Garage, Ep. 1: Soda Mint Jetpack

Production: Real Normal Productions, Beef & Sage
Creative Director: Thomas Oh
Art Director: Suzette Soucie
Copywriter: Thomas Oh
Illustrators: Will Elliot, Kirk Johnson
Photographer: Nathan Smith
Aired: June 2012


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Second class jokes.

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Nike Diesel
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No class jokes.

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All slapstick, zero substance. But if their core audience is 6–13-year-olds, this might actually be pretty effective in selling the product (if not for drinking, then probably for "experimentation").

Hard to argue the route of doing something other than drinking Big Red. It's truly appalling stuff.

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silly, but I think it works.

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I wanted to see a real soda jetpack.

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