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Berlitz: Rubiks cube

Languages made easy

Interactive banner. To start click a flag.

Advertising Agency: Memac OgilvyOne, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Till Hohmann
Creative Director: Preethi Mariappan
Art Director: Rafael Guida
Copywriter: Melanie Clancy
Flash Developer: Sarabjeet Singh
Media: Anna Gibbons
Published: December, 2009

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silvi's picture
4172 pencils


Wlado's picture
12 pencils

Del carajo! muy bueno...

Wlado's picture
12 pencils

Del carajo! muy bueno...

Marlus Lau's picture
Marlus Lau
1806 pencils

This is cool!

commercialscum's picture
21 pencils

That is awesome.

monti28's picture
22 pencils

great ad!!!

CGilb09's picture
572 pencils

Please enlighten me as to how this is good when there is absolutely no mention of Berlitz in the banner unless you take the time to complete the cube. Cool, yes. Practical and effective, no.

Tweet tweet: @ThisAbility

Gualcor's picture
972 pencils

Símón, esto está muy bacán

Stay low, move fast. Kill first, die last. 1 shot 1 kill, not luck, just skill.

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
7004 pencils

It's an appealing idea but they made it an unappealing 'game'

paumarques's picture
1314 pencils

felicitats Preethi!!!

Pau Marquès
(+34) 670 36 79 83

valayamadvertising's picture
244 pencils

simple yet very creative

Hibon's picture
3731 pencils

just ... great!

Simple ideas are the best !

sandhya rao's picture
sandhya rao
217 pencils

keeping comments about execution, concept etc aside...if someone noticed that chooses a country and play with cubical...then i had worked some what...hadn't it?

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
7004 pencils

Go away. We're judging the whole thing here.

mith85's picture
242 pencils

Great idea!

For the programmers, there's a problem when you click the Portuguese flag. First, when you solve it, it doesn't rotate to mimic how the Portuguese flag looks.

And also if you rotate the Portuguese flag by turning the top row with Help Off, you solve it, but when you reset the cube, it doesn't always set it back to the original cube orientation (so if you try to choose any other country it messes up the colours).

alejulimaty's picture
838 pencils

smart and simple

nimshady's picture
57 pencils

clever idea!

vlads's picture
539 pencils

Que buena.

everartz's picture
7611 pencils


| Everartz |

RisingStar's picture
26 pencils

Oh... using Rubiks cube to show that something is complicated. Damn, that's creative.
Well, it was creative... in the 70's.

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7 pencils


John van de Vorstenbosch's picture
John van de Vor...
216 pencils

Love it. And execution is always an issue, but that doesn't change anything to the fact that this idea is very strong.

And the Rubiks Cube was indeed used in the 70's, so were a lot of other things. If this hasn't been done this way before, it's creative imo.

Wadih A3's picture
Wadih A3
256 pencils

Very Good... i love it

tridipnandi's picture
220 pencils

very nice..

Brain-Art's picture
1101 pencils

Very nice

Sephi's picture
139 pencils

pretty good~

GMAN's picture
336 pencils

very nice... id like to be able to see the banner tough, and id be careful because rubiks cubes are hard, and it contradicts the languages made easy message

GMAN's picture
336 pencils

but i guess thats the point making hard things easy... yeah still great work

Tanina's picture
4 pencils

me encanta!!!

WillyLatasa's picture
616 pencils

Nanana, increible!

"Bright ideas bring better results"

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631 pencils


suheru's picture
54 pencils

Great piece! But isn't it hard to control a little?

pdabhinav's picture
100 pencils

really good

Binary's picture
25 pencils

like it,great work.

Dynamic Thinking.

Gallas's picture
38 pencils

Could have done a bit more out of this very good idea.

thecreature's picture
37 pencils

Stupid, as the team did not make their homework. For example, there is no Nigerian language. Youruba, Housa and about 200 other tribal languages, but no Nigerian. Also, it is so user unfriendly unless you turn the help on and then it's just plain stupid. Furthermore, you see front side, but the requested flag actually creates itself on the other, invisible, one. And on top of this all, it LOOKS TERRIBLE.
The idea is ok, but the execution sucks.

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