Beck's: Sobriety Test Mobile App

We want people to drink Beck’s responsibly – that’s why we created a mobile app that tests your sobriety. When drunk, one cannot perform even the simplest task – like fitting a key into a keyhole. And, as we all know, Beck’s logo is - a keyhole with a key! So, we designed the simple sobriety test app: in order to test your driving ability, you need to keep a key in a moving keyhole for 25 seconds. Fail to do so, and the app automatically dials the cab company in your area. When you drink and drive, there’s no going Beck’s!

Links to the App: iPhone, Android

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Belgrade, Serbia
Creative Director: Anja Radulovic
Art Director: Rade Saptovic
Copywriter: Dubravka Strbac / Vukojevic
Additional credits: Vladimir Vucicevic, Andreja Milkic
Published: September 2011


Dr. Dockta's picture
Dr. Dockta
35 pencils

WTF!? I hope no one really uses it for testing driving abilities.

Nuntype's picture
73 pencils

Kind of cool idea but I think the approach is way too cavalier for something as serious as drink driving

bate_palmas's picture
1479 pencils

I wish they had used the insight more cleverly!!! Great insight, great use of the logo, very so-so execution.

kleenex's picture
36242 pencils

not bad, but will the people really use it???

VGreg's picture
18 pencils

Nice idea!!!
Keep it up

NicoCiego's picture
1035 pencils

oh, nice one becks.

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
13389 pencils

Totally useless app!

If you have to take a test in the first place, you've obviously been drinking and therefore leave the car.

Stupid app.

No stars.

raulbanderas's picture
357 pencils

No one will use it, specially if he is drunk

Glut's picture
3947 pencils

nice approach!

drunk dave's picture
drunk dave
1066 pencils

What cars are they driving in Serbia that you need to use a key and not the remote?

aniruddha.chowkidar's picture
15 pencils

No drinking and driving, message delivered.

kaytav's picture
3 pencils

No one will use it, specially if he is drunk

satyen4uall's picture
2 pencils

:) cool idea...let's see how long it works & how much the people like it

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