BAWX: An empty box full of possibilities


Consumerism is a bit out of control these days. Kids would much rather spend time with their friends and parents and a Bawx, than the latest technology. Ok, that is a complete lie, but maybe if they did have a Bawx they would spend more time with people, and a bit less time with pixels.

In a charity fundraising effort, independent advertising agencies Barton F. Graf 9000 and TDA_Boulder partnered to form online, non-profit business Bawx. Bawx’s sole product is a big, plain, heavy-duty, 2-foot cubed, 100% recycled—empty—cardboard box. It is partly a toy (the website claims it can be a kid’s submarine, foreign planet, robot, recording studio, mansion), and it is partly a bit of anti-consumerism/high-tech-gadgetry propaganda. Batteries are not required. Imagination is. All costs will be born by the two founding agencies. All proceeds, 100%, will go to children’s charities Blue Sky Bridge, Boulder, (focused on child abuse) and the Charley Davidson Leukemia Fund, Boston.

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Brilliant in its simplicity!

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